In the beginning…

An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy all my life, a few years ago I decided to try my hand at the craft.  To my surprise, I discovered a wonderful new outlet for creativity – crafting a world of my own and filling it with characters.  My blog is titled ‘Of Cats and Magic’ because my family plays host to four loving felines (okay, two loving, one fickle and one demon…) and through their antics they inspired some of my characters in “The Guardian’s Apprentice.” 

Our newest addition, Maddie was found on the side of the road in December 2009.  Only about five or six weeks old (we think) someone had apparently thrown her from a moving vehicle, shattering her left hip and leaving her with a multitude of scrapes and bruises.  When found, she had a soda cup stuck on her head and was starving.  A happy and healthy cat now, Maddie has made a full recovery and doesn’t seem to realize she’s missing a leg.  Her natural prey are Nerf darts, which she attacks with a vengeance whenever possible.

The “middle” cat, Jasmine has never quite grown up.  Extremely loving and affectionate, she is also incredibly jealous.  She despises Maddie and will go into a week-long sulk if around her.  As a result, she is now the official upstairs cat, while Maddie and Cookie reign supreme in the lower levels.

Convinced that humans exist for the sole purpose of feeding her, Cookie is fickle with her affections and dictates when the unworthy may approach.  She also has an odd fondness for the refrigerator, and if unguarded will jump onto the bottom shelf.  She will hide behind the soda cans and refuses to come out.  I fully expect some day to find her passed out in the fridge among the shredded remains of last night’s leftovers…

Evil incarnate, Cocoa is bipolar on her best days.  When the mood strikes her and she wants your attention, she will sneak up behind you and lick your ankle, foot or leg.  At this point you have two choices:  (1) pet her and make her happy or (2) ignore her and suffer her wrath, which usually consists of latching onto you with her teeth (if you’re smart, you’ll go with option #1…).  Once she tires of your attention she will usually sink her teeth into your hand, indicating that your usefulness has ended.


2 Responses to “In the beginning…”

  1. Absolutely delightful post! Congratulations and welcome to the “blogosphere”. 🙂

  2. Maeve,

    I enjoy visiting your Blog so much. I lived with my grandparents on their farm in Southern Illinois when I was six, seven and eight. I attended a one-room country school (yes, I’m about as old as the hills). My grandfather took me to school on a horse during heavy winter snowstorms. There was no such thing as a “Snow Day”. Some of the eighth grade boys got out in early April or May to help plant the fields all around the countryside. I took my lunch to school in a little red and white checked pail. My grandmother would pack a nice roast beef sandwich on homemade bread, a thermos of milk and big slice of chocolate cake. Yes, early on, I became addicted to chocolate. However, unbeknownst to my grandmother (or “Mom” as I called her) I traded my lunch every day with a girl named Marie. I ate her lunch with gusto. It was always cold bean sandwiches and a store-bought miniature pie. So…to make a short post shorter….when I visit your Blog, I feel the wind and the sun and the hills of Kentucky. Those things remind me of Southern Illinois. My grandparents have long ago moved up to Heaven and the farm house is gone now. My memories are still in my heart. I am just a country girl, after all.

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