The return of Evil Dr. Pork Chop -or- Tales of the Nomadic Pig

A few weeks ago we were visisted by a pig. That’s right, I said a pig! Well, this morning our wanderer from afar was back! Our nomadic porcine visitor reappeared in the back yard, rooting around for anything she could find to nibble on, such as acorns, birdseed, or perhaps one of the cats. Feeling sorry for the obviously hungry hog, my kids and I found a bag of cherries that had gone moldy, two-thirds of a cucumber, a spotty banana and anything else in the crisper that had gone past the ‘use by’ date.

My daughter took the bag of cherries and shook them in the air to try and get the porker’s attention. The pig (who my daughter has now named ‘Evil Dr. Pork Chop’) must have a keen sense of smell, because it immediately put its nose up in the air and started oinking in anticipation, much like I do at Thanksgiving dinner…

As our visitor tucked in to her mid-morning snack, she was spotted by our feline guard patrol: Cocoa, Cookie and Jasmine. While Cookie remained sprawled on the deck supervising, Cocoa and Jasmine were dispatched to deal with the intruder. Jasmine being the bravest (or dumbest), she began circling and moving in for the kill. Stealth not being her strong suit, she was quickly spotted by the pig, who paused mid-munch to take a closer look at this newcomer. The result was a standoff for several minutes as each thought about eating the other.

Eventually the pig lost interest, deciding she would likely get one heck of a hairball if she ate Jasmine, so she polished off the rest of her veggies and shuffled off into the neighbors yard to see what she could find there.

Ooo! I love cherries!

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Cocoa and Jasmine returned to the back deck, strutting with their tails held high. They were obviously proud of their successful mission, having routed the interloper and proven their superiority with their show of force… I know I’ll sleep better tonight, knowing they are on patrol!

The enemy has been spotted

Hmm. Cat eats pig, or pig eats cat?

That's right - we're BAD! We scared it off!


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