The Wonderful Online Indie World

As a new independent author, I have learned a great deal since publishing my work, The Guardian’s Apprentice and Tears for Hesh through Amazon and Smashwords.

The entire process has been a learning experience from formating and uploading books, to designing a website and this blog.  But one of most rewarding things has been meeting new people and making new friends.  I have been privileged to meet (well, ‘e-meet’ anyway!) many other Indie authors and am amazed at this wonderful online community.  They are an amazing, supportive group of people who help each other with writing tips, editing, and most of all, emotional support and encouragement.

One excellent site to meet such a group of authors includes  The site has today published its first Anthology, comprised of three volumes of sample chapters, bios and links for 62 Indie authors and their work.  The three volumes are all FREE and can be downloaded at:

Volume One 20 authors for you to meet – Free

Volume Two 21 authors for you to meet – Free

Volume Three 21 authors for you to meet – Free

You will find a sample from my novel in Volume Two, and I would like to thank the amazing efforts of Joel Kirkpatrick for emailing, compiling and uploading these three volumes.  If you are an Indie author, come visit us all at Bestsellerbound!


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  1. Very informative post!

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