The Guardian’s Apprentice – the characters

To continue the theme from last week, below are short bios of many of the characters featured in The Guardian’s Apprentice (book 1) and Bloodstone – The Guardian’s Curse (book 2).  Hope you enjoy!

Keegan Whitestone – In his early thirties, Keegan is a young man coasting through life without a purpose.  His mother long dead, he was raised by a cold, uncaring father.  With no known family, Keegan is utterly alone.  Having been estranged from his father for years, Keegan learns of the other man’s death when he receives a small box containing a strange ring and a note about his “destiny.”

Phineas Whitestone – A very powerful wizard, Phineas is the longest serving Guardian in the wizarding world’s history.  Phineas’ greatest sorrow was when his only son, Richard, attempted to seize power and control the Council.  His son was stripped of his magic by the Council and banished to the non-magical side of the Veil.  Phineas’ greatest hope is to reunite with his grandson, Keegan.

Richard Whitestone – The only son of Phineas Whitestone, Richard craved his father’s power.  A cruel, ambitious man, he tried to seize that power by force and failed.  After being stripped of his powers and banished, he unknowingly fathered Keegan with a mortal woman.  After her death, he grudgingly took the boy in to raise, but never missed an opportunity to remind his son how much of a burden he was.  Estranged from his son for years, Richard died a lonely, bitter old man.

Acamar Wycroft – Loyal assistant to the Guardian, Acamar has been in service to the Council for five hundred years.  A powerful wizard in his own right, Acamar made some poor choices in his youth when he decided to support the great dragon rebellion.  As punishment for his treason, Acamar must work in the administrative service of the Council, spending all but one hour every day in his animal form, which is a large, black tabby cat.  Through his penance, his once fiery temper has mellowed and he has developed patience, as well as a fondness for sardines.  He dislikes the castle caretaker, Mrs. Hoskins, intensely and considers her a nosy busybody.  A member of the Order of Black most of his life, his robes are shifting to the lighter side of magic.

Mrs. Hoskins – Caretaker of the Guardian’s castle at Pahret T’pur, Mrs. Hoskins has been around longer than anyone (even Phineas) can remember.  Extremely efficient, Mrs. Hoskins keeps the castle in order and stuffs those she likes with her delectable homemade scones.  She keeps a close eye on Acamar, though she typically refers to him as ‘Whiskers’ or ‘Fleabag’ even when he isn’t in his feline form.  Despite her misgivings about the older wizard, she has been known to stock the pantry with sardines on occasion.  Obviously an efficient magic-user (she’s the only staff at the castle), no one knows for certain which Order she calls her own or how powerful she may be.

Nisha – Assistant to Lord Cedric Thornback, Nisha also serves in the administrative arm of the Council.  Once a close associate of Acamar Wycroft, Nisha must spend all but one hour every day in the form of a raven.  A very powerful and crafty witch, Nisha resents having to serve such a cruel master as Cedric.  Having given up her dreams of power long ago, she longs for her freedom.

Lord Cedric Thornback – Master of the Dark Arts, Cedric is the leading member of the Order of Black.  One of the three founding families, the Thornback’s have served as Guardian only once before.  A cold and cruel taskmaster, Cedric enjoys tormenting his assistant, Nisha and has a habit of using her tail feathers as quills.

Portia Nightshade – Cedric’s hot-headed lieutenant, Portia is a very powerful witch with a temper.  Prone to conflict even with members of her own Order, she has been encased in crystal by the Oracle stone more than once for attempting to duel in the Council chambers.  Fiercely loyal to Cedric, she would do anything to see him elected as Chancellor, believing this is her path to power.

Alexander Ducat – The current leader of the Gray wizards, Ducat holds the position of Vice-Chancellor and conducts the Council meetings since the death of his mentor, Tobias Follett, in an unfortunate potions accident.  Although he has been a life-long friend of Phineas, he envies the power held by the Guardian.

Tobias Follett – Once the leader of the Gray Order, Follett schemed and cheated his way up the political ladder until he was finally elected as Chancellor.  His celebration was short lived however, when he (and a large part of his chambers) was vaporized in an unfortunate potions accident(?).

Nemwith – Assistant Council Librarian and husband of Evalsef, Nemwith is a grumpy little gnome who has little patience for wizards, especially irritating half-wit apprentices…

Evalsef – Head Council Librarian, Evalsef is a mild mannered and very wise gnome.  She is a wealth of knowledge and has far more patience than her husband, Nemwith.

Seba’an – Also known as the Alderdrache, ruler of all dragons, Seba’an is the oldest living dragon on either side of the Veil.  Alive at the time of the Ancients, he is one of the few creatures left that remembers the time of the Shadow before the Veil.  Although the old dragon is now blind, the fires of his eyes now merely embers, he is extremely powerful and wise.  He is also one of the few dragons that does not have a human name.

Skyv’tai (a.k.a. “Brimstone”) – Known most often by his human name, “Brimstone,” Skyv’tai is an ambitious young dragon with a thirst for power.  He has learned little from his species’ past wars with the wizards and considers humans to be only slightly more intelligent than cattle.  One of several dragons labeled as ‘rogue’ by the Alderdrache, Brimstone was captured and placed into servitude as a courier by the Council.  Like most of his kind, Brimstone is very patient and plans to have his revenge not only on the wizards of the Council but on the Alderdrache as well.

Nekk’ar – Once a nest-mate of Seba’an’s, Nekk’ar perished long ago but dedicated his spirit to serving the Whitestone family as a protector of the Guardian.  Fierce and powerful, the wise Nekk’ar has saved more than one Guardian, but only when he chooses to help.  It is his firm belief that a Guardian can learn valuable lessons from making mistakes, and Nekk’ar is loathe to be disturbed.

Dahk’ra (a.k.a. “Darkfire”) – Dahk’ra, known among humans as ‘Darkfire,’ is the youngest of Seba’an’s hatchlings.  She is a powerful opponent, and is highly adept at strategy.  She considers humans a curiosity to be studied, much like laboratory rats, and she follows the politics of wizards with a keen interest.

Delores – A tireless worker, Delores is serving her time in the Administrative Service of the Council, Department of Transportation.  She is a ticketing agent in the portal hub located in the village of Quai where she works twelve hours a day.  A lovely witch on the outside, her animal spirit that she is restricted to every day is that of a skunk.  Two rules to remember if you ever meet Delores at the ticketing booth:  #1 – Don’t try her patience (not that she has much) and #2 – Always, always, always leave her a decent tip.  Violate either of those rules at your own peril…

Grim – The smarter half of a two-headed giant, Grim considers himself to be the ‘older brother’ and spends most of his waking hours bickering with his other half, Grum.

Grum – Not the smartest of giants, Grum can be a bit thick sometimes.  He has a volatile temper and loves a good fight, however he is utterly terrified of Brimestone.

Kust – A dark elf of Ebonwood, Kust has known Phineas for several hundred years and considers the old wizard a true friend.  Unlike most of his ilk, who shun humans and keep to the dark recesses of their forests, Kust is intensely interested in the affairs of wizards, especially if there is profit to be made.

Hesh – A kind-hearted assistant to a wizard currently serving on the Council, Hesh is a gentle giant of sorts.  Almost seven feet tall, Hesh is as strong as an ox, but as gentle as a kitten and tends to stutter when he is excited or upset.  He serves a cruel master, that delights in forcing him to spend time in his animal form, which is a large panda bear.

Jerrick – Currently working as a clerk in Deadwood & Blights potions shop, Jerrick is a good natured young man who tries to help others whenever he can.  The closest thing to a friend that Hesh has, he feels sorry for the poor assistant.

Master Gu-Dai Ying – The most powerful (and evil) necromancer to walk the Earth.  Master Gu-Dai was the controlling power behind the now banished Order of Red.  Assumed to have been killed along with the rest of the Order, rumors persist that he has returned and is again harvesting souls to power the Bloodstone.


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  1. Hi Michael. Just making a return visit. I like fantasy and sci-fi books and your characters are very interesting. I may have to pop back and check out some more. My partner is a sci-fi writer so might put him in touch with you via Twitter. Nice to make your acquaintance 🙂!/ImaginographyUK

  2. That’s quite the cast of characters. I’m here visiting from West of Mars.

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