Here there be dragons…

Last week I made a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C. for some sightseeing along with 50 or so 14 year olds.  Yes, I will admit to temporary insanity.  That being said however, I did enjoy touring our capitol and visiting the museums.  Along my travels, I was privileged to make a new acquaintance – a dragon.

Now before you call the men with the big nets to take me away, let me clarify.  I met my new writing companion when we took the group to Medieval Times in Baltimore.  Now, I have always liked dragons – ever since I was a socially inept geek in school I have loved to read fantasy novels, particularly those with dragons.  But when I saw this one in the display case, he spoke to me.  I can’t explain it, but his voice called out and said:

“Finally!  Do you realize just how long you’ve kept me waiting?  Now get me out of this dratted display case and take me to my home.”

Not being one to argue with a dragon, I promptly shelled out the exorbitant price (ransom, I believe the dragon called it) and took my new friend home.  He has not yet told me his name, but I feel certain he will, once he trusts me.  For now however, he stands a watchful guard next to my computer perched atop his stack of books, supervising and editing my thoughts as I type.


6 Responses to “Here there be dragons…”

  1. And what a regal fellow he is! Kinda reminds me of YOU! 😉

  2. kristallee Says:

    What a handsome fellow. His name most certainly is something regal.

  3. Hi, Michael! I just found your blog. It was hiding. 🙂

    You must acquire dragons and then write them off on your taxes as necessary writing props.

    That guy reminds me of the dragon and wizard candles I had as a kid. Never could burn them, since they were too cool. (Geek cool, that is.)

    • Hi Lindsay! Thanks for dropping by! He’s an enigmatic little fellow – sits next to my computer being very judgmental about my writing. Now if I could just convince him to tell me his name!

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