Name that dragon!

Those of you that read my blog last week know that during my trip to Washington D.C. I was fortunate enough to make a new friend.  My new writing companion is an enigmatic green dragon, perched atop a stack of books.

The dragon called out to me from his display case (he called it a ‘prison’… a bit over dramatic if you ask me…), and after paying the exorbitant ransom, I liberated him from his captors and brought him to his new home.  He now supervises my writing, providing editorial advice and the occasional snide remark if my dialogue doesn’t suit him.

Despite our new found partnership however, I have a problem.  He has thus far refused to tell me his name.  I have asked repeatedly and he simply chuckles at me, wisps of smoke curling up from his nostrils.  A regal little beast, this dragon definitely has attitude.

So I have come up with the following solution: solicit names from everyone visiting this blog.  Any and all names will be taken into consideration, so if you have a name you would like to submit, please use the ‘contact’ form below (so I can send you your coupon code) and feel free to leave a comment too!  I will post a list of all the names submitted at the end of the promotion.

I will take suggestions until Sunday, June 19th.  At the end of that time, I will (hopefully) announce my writing companion’s name.

Everyone submitting a name suggestion will receive a coupon-code to download a FREE copy of ‘Beyond the Veil Anthology’ from Smashwords, whether my companion is successfully named or not!

Hopefully one of the names submitted will earn my dragon’s approval!

*I would like to thank Andrew Bill, the artist that created my winged friend.  His sculpture ‘Tender is the Knight’ is available from his website at

*Disclaimer:  Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have no liability in this promotion.  This promotion is the sole responsibility of the author.  Also, I do not nor will I ever share a visitor’s email address with anyone – your privacy is important!


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