The Naming

The submission period for suggesting a name for my writing companion has now closed.  My thanks to those of you who submitted names.  I will send you the coupon code for your free copy of ‘Beyond the Veil Anthology’ via email.

Shown below is a list of all the names submitted this past week (in no particular order):

  • Benito
  • Idris
  • Lorca
  • Mercy
  • Misericordia
  • Kaviru
  • Gavin
  • Valdemar
  • Sir Dragonet
After reviewing the list, the dragon has agreed to share his closely guarded secret.  He reluctantly admits that his name is indeed:
‘Idris’ is his true dragon name, something most dragons are loathe to share with the inferior races such as humans, elves, etc.  (Note:  That last comment was from Idris, not me.  I personally don’t consider us to be an inferior race, but who am I to argue with a dragon.)
His human given ‘nickname’ is:
Of regal bearing and extremely prideful, Idris does not suffer fools lightly.  He is highly intelligent and reads voraciously.  He considers himself an expert on many things, writing included.  I personally think he’s a bit harsh when critiquing my writing, but that’s a story for another blog…

7 Responses to “The Naming”

  1. Idris yn enw mân iawn yn wir 😉

  2. That must surely be Idris’ native tongue. Welsh perhaps? And I heartily agree!


  3. I just found you! I was looking for dragon images on Google and met Idris. Rockin’! Do you suppose he has a friend who could live on my laptop screen? I need all the inspiration I can get, and Idris DOES give you great advice! 🙂

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