The New Recruit

After rather challenging day at work, I arrived home and began my usual routine of decompressing from the day’s events.  While removing my tie I was greeted by my loving wife of almost eighteen years.  With a bounce in her step and a lovely smile on her lips, she embraced me and asked about my day.

Granted, I should have been suspicious at this point, but I was tired – in Star Trek parlance, my shields were down.

My second hint came when she said “I have a story for you about something that happened today.”

*Yellow Alert* At this point, my eyebrow arched and I took half a step back.  “Really?” I said somewhat guardedly.

Her next words, uttered with a coy look and somewhat sheepish smile, were “I brought home a kitten…”

*Red Alert*  Now I was fully awake and paying attention – my shields were now up.  Thinking of the four cats that already diligently patrol our home, I uttered the first words that came to mind:  “You didn’t…”

She then proceeded to explain that a young kitten had been found in the storage shed at the school where she teaches.  The poor little cat had been trapped for at least two days in sweltering 96 degree Kentucky heat.  He was starving – you can see his ribs and backbone – and wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

So my wife, loving soul that she is, took him in and brought him home.  He is a very affectionate cat and seems quite happy to have a cool place to stay and plenty of food and water.  The kids have named him “Mickey” in honor of his large ears and to pay tribute to our annual excursions to Disney.  (Yes, I know the irony – a cat named after a mouse…)

So Mickey is now settling in as the newest conscript in my wife’s ever-growing cat army.  Cocoa, Cookie and Jasmine do not approve and are skulking around the back deck plotting his demise.  Maddie, our three-legged cat, is more accepting, though cautious.

Idris, my dragon, has said little on the topic, choosing instead to remain aloof.  Judging by his toothy smirk however, I think he plans on training our new recruit himself.


4 Responses to “The New Recruit”

  1. You should be thankful that you’re blessed with such a soft-hearted wife. After all, she took YOU in, didn’t she? 😉

  2. LOL! You have a very good point!

  3. Haha, love your humor. 🙂

    Watch out for that kitten… My dogs were starving and had worms when I got them, and, three years later, they are still using that as an excuse to beg for extra food.

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