An Update on the New Recruit…









About three weeks ago my wife saved a starving kitten that had been found locked in a tool shed at school during sweltering 100 degree weather.  When she brought him home, you could see his ribs and backbone – I doubt he would have survived much longer.

I am pleased to report Mickey (yes, named after the mouse…) has made a full recovery.  As the newest recruit in my wife’s every growing cat army, he has survived basic training and is now ready for advanced training under the watchful eye of my dragon, Idris.

He is a ball of energy when awake and has decided his favorite pastime is to pounce on our three-legged cat, Maddie, and pretend she is a chew toy.

He eats like a horse and has developed a slightly rounded belly – which sways to and fro when he walks.  Based on the size of his ears, feet and tail, I’m guessing he will grow to the size of a small panther…


2 Responses to “An Update on the New Recruit…”

  1. You DO sleep with one eye open, right? You know this cat army is bound to be trained in under-the-couch stealth attack, bare toe-biting, ear-nibbling, and the terrifying art of rough cat-tongue torture.

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