Signed paperback giveaway!

My writing partner, Idris, is not pleased with me.  You see, he occupies a prominent place on my desk near the computer, so he can supervise my writing from the comfort of his perch.

The problem?  Clutter.  Over the past few months I have allowed several stacks of papers, books and heaven-knows-what else to intrude upon Idris’ territory.  Not being one to mince words, Idris has told me in no uncertain terms to tidy up the desktop – or else. Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it best NOT to argue with a dragon!

So, what better way to eliminate some clutter than to give away some books!  I have five (5) signed paperback copies of my first novel ‘The Guardian’s Apprentice’ to offer.  Now here are the rules:

  1. No purchase necessary – just follow these instructions and five (5) lucky people will get a signed copy of  ‘The Guardian’s Apprentice’ shipped to their doorstep.
  2. There is no cost – I will pay for the shipping.
  3. This offer is without borders – I don’t care where in the world you live, you can still participate.
  4. To enter the drawing, just leave me a comment on this blog.  Please let me know:
  • If you have read the story, who (or what) is your favorite character in the series, and why?  (if you want to refresh your memory, check out the ‘characters/creatures’ tab over on my website at
  • If you have not read the story, what is your favorite fantasy novel?
  • Make sure you check the box that says “notify of follow-up comments’ when you leave your comment – that way you will know when the contest is over and I have posted the winners.
  • That’s it – everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the ‘pool’ of names.  On February 1st, I will draw five random names from the people who left comments and will send them a signed copy of ‘The Guardian’s Apprentice’.




4 Responses to “Signed paperback giveaway!”

  1. No, I have not read your story yet, which is good, because, if I win, I want the pleasure of the whole experience to be new: the physical book which will be brand new, and which was actually handled by the author (he signed it, after all), and then reading a story that I have not read before. I have read a number of fantasy books, Tolkien of course and “The Mists of Avalon” and “The Last Unicorn” and the “Gormenghast” books, but one that really sticks with me is “The King of Elfland’s Daughter” by Lord Dunsany. That just might be my favorite.

    • Hi Peter – thanks for stopping by to enter the giveaway! I absolutely loved Tolkien’s books, as well as the ‘Dragonlance’ series by Weiss and Hickman. Best of luck and I will email everyone at the end of the giveaway.



  2. Your writing partner is wise. Maybe a dragon is what I need to keep the desk clean. She Who Must Be Obeyed would certainly appreciate the help.

    I have not had the pleasure of reading your book but am always looking for more great reading material. I enjoy Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid trilogy and Patricia Brigg’s Alpha and Omega series.

    Thanks for sharing.

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