Rise of the Shadow

In my research for Book Three of the ‘Beyond the Veil’ series, I stumbled across an ancient, tattered scroll.  It was difficult to read, and it appears to have been written in dragon’s blood.  I’m not certain, but I believe it may be an excerpt from the diary of Oriannus, the very first necromancer to darken our world.

…In the time of the great pharaohs, the gods first came to our world.  The light and the dark – each trying to best the other – had named our world as neutral territory.  It was decided they would live in peace among us, teaching us their ways, until we were ready to choose a path – and a side.

Arriving through a great disk of light in the sky, they settled amid the drifting sands of Sakkara.  Their arrival unleashed the power of the universe on our planet, the energy that is all around us and is known by man as ‘magic’.  They have taught mankind how to recognize magic, to see beyond the mere physical senses, and to shape and use the energy.  It was with this knowledge that man first became aware of the magical creatures living amongst us all this time.  No longer were imps, pixies, haggles and mongers hidden from our sight.  No longer were the dragons a shadowy mystery.  Many men fear this new power, but they are merely ignorant fools.  I have embraced it, and the universe has opened before my eyes!

The new gods have smiled upon our pharaohs, helping them become even more rich and powerful.  One of the gods, Horus, has even become the royal sorcerer to his highness,  Semerkhet the First.  I have learned much from this strange visitor, this traveler from beyond.  Yet I shall learn even more through his death, for I have discovered how to kill a god.  His rival, Set, the great god of chaos, has taught me many secrets, among them how to conquer death – and therefore mankind.  Dominion over the darkness is my destiny, and with it I shall destroy them all.  So it is written, so shall it be.

Mirrikh Oriannus
Master of Shadow


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