New Release – ‘Rise of the Shadow’




I’m pleased to say the third and final(?) book in the ‘Beyond the Veil’ series has been released.  ‘Rise of the Shadow’ follows Keegan Whitestone as he tries to stop a murder – 5,000 years in the past.  Keegan must stop an old enemy, who has returned from the abyss with the aid of the Shadow.

Some familiar characters will return, such as Keegan, Nisha, Acamar, and of course, Ms. Hoskins.  There are also some new faces in this novel as well, namely Rami, the young acolyte who serves in the temple of the old god Set.  The seventh son of ten children, Rami was given to the priests of Set in exchange for the god’s blessing upon their family.  An adept student, being abandoned by his family has made him eager to please Master Ammon, the high priest of Set.  His best friend is Fer’al, a novice acolyte who is constantly playing pranks and getting into trouble.

In ‘Rise of the Shadow’ you will learn the true nature of Ms. Hoskins, who is much more than she appears, and you will find out the origin of the most evil necromancer to walk the Earth.

Now available on Amazon!



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